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Kievit Instant
Milk Cap Powder

  • Irresistible taste and texture
  • Versatility
  • Easy preparation
  • Creating endless indulgent experiences with just 1 ingredient!
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Kievit launches instant milk cap powder for foodservice market

Kievit, the brand for foodservice professionals of FrieslandCampina Ingredients, offers a new milk cap powder to create a delectable creamy layer on top of a variety of drinks and even desserts in an instant. This unique powder means creating a milk cap couldn’t be easier: simply add water or milk to the instant powder, stir and add the foam to a hot or cold tea, coffee or fruit drink. With just 1 ingredient, there can now be several exciting drinks on the menu that consumers can top off anyway they like. The new Kievit Instant Milk Cap Powder addresses the need for convenience and versatility and helps you creating experiences that keep consumers returning for more.

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Creative, convenient, and cost saving

Just one easy-to-use ingredient adds a wealth of signature options to the menu. Unleashing the endless possibilities keeps your consumers surprised – ensuring differentiation for your shop in a crowded market. Supplied as a powder, Kievit Instant Milk Cap Powder is not only child’s play to whip up, it also boasts a long shelf-life and is easy to transport. Precise portions also reduce food waste, adding a tick to green credentials. Learn more about this new ingredient in our how-to video.



Dark Chocolate Milk Tea
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Blue Ternate Sparklers
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Chocolate Cake Shake
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Multiple benefits

In sync with the current trends and needs

Kievit Instant Milk Cap Powder

Indulgent experience, versatility, easy preparation.
Savoury and sweet taste, creamy texture.Add water or milk or fruit juice to prepare, pour over any drink and top it off with whatever you like.No requirement for additional machinery, heating or elaborate training for the staff.

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